"Welcome to Berhampore Municipality. If you come to know about any COVID-19 and Vector-borne diseases in your area, be alert and inform the municipal authorities. Stop wasting water, save water, save life. Plant trees to keep the environment clean and tidy. Pay all kinds of taxes on time. Keep the road clean. Cooperate with the municipality in development work. Berhampore municipality is usually an administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate."


Existing Departmental Functions

 SL.NO.  Department  Function
 1. Establishment  
All types of office work related to recruitment of staff and staff related issues  
 2. Administration  Correspondence, maintenance & Security of properties of Municipality and other administrative issues.    
 3. Store  Maintaining stock Registers of all materials and requisition of the articles and checking entry of the Bills.  
 4. PWD  Work related to PWD Road and Building plan Sanctioning and processing, demolition of –building, supervision of construction & repairing work of local canal etc 
 5. Mutation & Assessment & Tax   All works related to mutation and assessment including supervision of the system at local level and introduction of occupier’s tax.  
 6. Water Supply   Performing all water supply related works - supervision and maintenance of pipelines and tube wells  
 7. Conservancy   Cleaning and cleaning related all the works -daily cleaning of offices & locality, Supervision of dumping grounds & garbage vans, Solid waste collection, cleaning of drainage. Ambulance and bier service  
 8. NUHM  
Primary Treatment of the patients at 4 UPHCs, Implementation of various Health Project / Programme and Public Health Issues like Immunization, NVBDCP etc.  
 9.  A/c & Finance  Maintenance of all accounts including loan, mediclaim, day to day posting, supervision of three local offices A/c., pay bill preparation, other bills passing etc.  
 10. NULM  Organization, Development, planning implementation and monitoring of different poverty alleviation programmes, formation and maintenance of SHGs, vocational trainings for Unemployed youth, shelter for urban homeless construction and maintenance 
 11. Electricity  Supervision and maintenance of street lights, Burning Ghat, etc.  
 12. Market   Market development, Rent Collection, cleaning and providing other civic amenities 
 13. Trade License   Issuing and Renewal of Trade License.  
 14. AMRUT  Planning and implementation of projects under AMRUT  
 15. NSAP  Identification of beneficiaries under National Pension and State Pension schemes and disburse of Old age pension, disability pension, widow pension etc.   
 16. Birth & Death   Online registration of Births and deaths under Municipal area and providing certificates of Birth and death 
 17. Mid day meal   Disbursement of fund for mid day meal to the schools under Municipal area 
 18. Press (Purosamachar)    Publication of Municipal Newsletter , Purosamachar.( Fortnightly)  
 19.  Toll Tax   Collection of Toll tax from vehicles on specific roads under Berhampore Municipality   




Sri Narugopal Mukherjee, B.A. (Hons.)

S/o Lt. Pradip Mukherjee

49 A.C. Road, Lane No. - 5

Post. - Khagra, Berhampore, Murshidabad.

Mobile No. : 9475365544

Email : chairman.berhampore@gmail.com




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