"Welcome to Berhampore Municipality. If you come to know about any COVID-19 and Vector-borne diseases in your area, be alert and inform the municipal authorities. Stop wasting water, save water, save life. Plant trees to keep the environment clean and tidy. Pay all kinds of taxes on time. Keep the road clean. Cooperate with the municipality in development work. Berhampore municipality is usually an administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate."



1) Number of wards:  28
2)  Year of Establishment: 1876 
3) Population: 195223( Census 2011)
4)  First Chairman: Roybahadur Baikuntha Nath Sen (1885---1894)
5)  Geographical information: 
      a) Area: 31.42sq k.m. 
      b) Nature of soil: ALLUVIAL 
      c) Situation : Between 
 24o6'N  Longitude:  88o15'E 
 Latitude:    24o6'N  Longitude:  88o19'E 


 Maximum Temperature   38.6
 Minimum Temperature   7.8O   
 Annual average  rainfall   1500mm
 Height over mean sea level   19m ( Approx) 


        e) Main river:  Bhagirathi, DL 17.22 mtrs., EDL 17.83 mtrs
        f) Distance from Kolkata: 200K.M
       gDistrict HQ: Berhampore 
       h) Sub Division: Berhampore 
       i) Police Station: Berhampore 
       j) Communications:
         • Rail: Lalgola to Sealdah,
         • Stations: Berhampore Court and Cossimbazar. (Khagra Ghat Road is Another station, nearer to Berhampore Municipal area, which is in the Howrah-Azimganj railway route.) 
          Road: National Highway 34 (Kolkata—Siliguri, over Berhapore) 
      k) Boundaries: This is such a Municipal area which has its three side boundaries with different panchayats.The river Bhagirathi is flown through the western side of Berhampore 




Sri Narugopal Mukherjee, B.A. (Hons.)

S/o Lt. Pradip Mukherjee

49 A.C. Road, Lane No. - 5

Post. - Khagra, Berhampore, Murshidabad.

Mobile No. : 9475365544

Email : chairman.berhampore@gmail.com




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